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Snsd yuri lesbian

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Gay awareness is slowly on the rise in Korea, partially due to exposure to Western media and partially due to openly gay celebrities becoming more accepted. Lesbian blood porn. I think she was straight before but not anymore.

Snsd yuri lesbian

I thought it just said they didn't know how she felt? Are you guys all reading the porn fic? I think my heart would take it easier if one of them was found to be with a girl rather than a guy, don't really know why. It's irrelevant and unimportant. Posted 08 June - You currently have javascript disabled. Snsd yuri lesbian. Taeyeon - bi, but maybe leans towards the ladies. Add Seohyun to that just a little bit. But she was smiling and kept doing her thing.

Not news to any of us. I can see where she has no interest in men at this point in her life. They are not MORE interested in women. Nude black women gallery. I'm not saying they all are but I know one of them has to be. Started by riceandramenDec 30 Jan 26 She was just touching her arm, something that she does to Jessica all the time.

Racists attempting to appropriate black art I'll assume none are true but tbh when I was reading the articles about Yuri it seemed very possible I've forgotten my password. New subscribers please read the side bar before posting. It's like, girl, she's not the one who reaches down other people's shirts I've always been pretty intrigued by the other girl's treatment and reaction to Yuri. SNSD still sell out concerts, have amazing physical sale figures for a gg 10 years well into their career so they're not going anywhere soon.

As far as who is the most likely, I try to stay away from questions like that. Are you on a bus or something? I have real doubs about GI girls, i hope some of them are leabians but i know this would be way too good to be true. Different strokes, I guess. Not to mention that she likes to fangirl over boys in every chance she gets meh. The Yuri one is true imo, the Hyuna one I hope it isn't because she was a kid basically.

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I'm pretty sure he's out maybe???

Posted 10 June - Mar 5, Messages: Aug 12, Messages: There was no love triangle rumor so to speak, it was just slander again SJY then HYS somehow got shoved in there, probably because of the criticism she was giving the drama industry back then. Xxx ass porn movies. Mar 7, Messages: New subscribers please read the side bar before posting. Snsd yuri lesbian. I think they are more image then real lesbian, i think 3 of them are, including onekat.

Due to her unique vocal abilities, she became the best female vocalist by 20 music companies in April. GD having an abortion after being in a gay love triangle. Be really sweet to my girlfriend and hug her like a guy would laughs. Saying all kpop girls are equally cool with skinship is a big generalization.

I veer back and forth between thinking whether TY and Tiff have converging going on, or are very close friends. BoA, DBSK, Suju's most recent comebacks didn't do as well as in their peak time but no one can deny they are in their own leagues. Several functions may not work.

I just think she didnt like that Yuri was so insistent. Hot milf gets creampie. You're deliberately being obtuse now so I'm gonna stop replying to your dumb ass. The only member of the group I can possibly see as gay would be taeyeon. That video was hilarious, ctfu! She is probably not into the sexual teasing lol. Have fun catching up on all of the snsd variety knowing the hidden gay in sunny, yuri and taeyeon.

Do not reproduce without permission. But doesn't Yoona have that longstanding rumor with Donghae? That's the thing, everyone suspected for years its not a shock and its not like Yuri hasn't been discussed before.

She wacks members away when they try to kiss her and stuff, but she's usually really cool with touchy and holding and grabbing and stuff.

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This topic has been archived. We already know the lioness queen likes women, but I wonder what she's been up to lately what anon? Where did that Yuri rumor even come from? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Just a rumor of Yuri getting to new shenanigans with girls.

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