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Ashley's armor from Mass Effect yes, even three seems fine. Amy schumer ever been nude. However, as mentioned before, my issue with sexy armor isn't just that it's sexist and it is - it's that it's a stupid concept. By contrast, the heavy armors, though they tend to conform to the curves of the female form a bit more than I'd think reasonable to expect the blacksmiths of the era to mass produce, provides identical levels of coverage and protection.

Latest Videos Reviews Everything. That's pretty effed up. Sexy armor girl. Nonameagain by Moto Log cdnb. These are two characters who can do the same things, just in slightly different ways. The cool thing about that identical muscle tissue I mentioned is that it reacts to physical exertion in exactly the same way, regardless of gender.

Gamma armor is too powerful. The outfits fit the profile. Milf naked dare. This is very real psychology, and the military has spent decades researching it and trying to work out best how to avoid these situations on the battlefield. Beautiful blond sexy woman warrior with sword outdoor Woman warrior with sword. Sliced bread is over hyped.

Usually its good for a laugh when you're in a fight with this super deadly boss and they're standing there in a thong and pushup bra. Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. A comfortable bra medieval vintage restored and polished in perfete conditions Arizona Renaissance Festival Man and Woman.

If the game is intentionally over the top and stylized, then I don't really have a problem with it. It doesn't make sense. Pretty much sums up my opinions. For example, Samara in Mass Effect 2. The whole chainmail bikini thing is so stupid. Via Street Fighter Wiki. Studio shot Medieval girl in chain mail with a sword with red hair stands on a gray background with blood on her hands. Saina nehwal nude pics. As such, whereas a lot of clothing is designed more around form over function, real armour always has been, is and must be function over form.

I think the same suit of armor, when worn on a male, would provide reasonable protection to vital organs in combat, or at least as much as could be expected given the type of materialbut it gives females a skimpy version without explanation I tend to get annoyed. Many moons ago, I used to work at a renaissance faire.

Lemonsnatch Lemonsnatch 5 months ago 7 I know the hide helmet option but I really want a head accessory that doesn't cover the face. Portrait of sexy medieval female knight in armour over black background Woman warrior with sword. If one of your fellow soldiers is pinned down by crossfire in an alley way somewhere, the last thing any commander would want is for you to look at her and think, "Man, her boobs look really big in that chest-piece Miranda Lawson, Mass Effect 2.

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I also find it interesting how the poll has about the same number of people in each category with a slight bunching in the middle. Free nude pics of wives. If the character gets characterization beyond that For example, Jack or Samara from ME2I don't give a damn about the armor.

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Is Bayonetta's outfit outrageous? One is useless and ridiculous,the other could realistically be there. Currently, I am using Odogaron armor and it is absolutely sexy. I hate ugly armor on sexy characters. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Combat isn't an opportunity to flash some leg. Wearing armour is a very different proposition to wearing any other outfit.

Thankfully, for some reason, the games I seem to play don't really do this crap anymore. Low angle view of sexy woman in medieval armor holding broadsword Sexy woman in chain mail. It all makes sense now. Keep me logged in on this device. Milf lessons roxetta. Sexy armor girl. It shows her back and that sexy arch. Now, the WoW Wiki knows that this argument is silly. Easy access to vital organs? That's pretty effed up. She's supposed to be a vigilante warrior-monk who enters combat on a semi-regular basis.

If the game wants me to take it seriously then the ol' chainmail bikinis and whatnot are idiotic. I guess there's some sort of rule in Cerberus where you have to tough it out.

There was a ton of padding between the metal and the flesh that absorbed the energy of the blows. Hot free nude pics. Viking woman wearing traditional warrior clothes in a deep mysterious forest Viking woman with sword wearing traditional warrior clothes in a deep mysterious forest.

And if games are a fantasy…why do the women in them have to be sexy? Here's my take on it: In other words, the way those characters dress is totally irrelevant to the rest of the game.

Submit a new text post. Dark Souls - PC Port confirmed! What's the Japanese word for "shameless? Armour is meant solely to keep your body covered, protected, and breathing.

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The gaps in armor on a female version of Iron armor are still there on the male version. Where things get dodgy, IMO, is when you move into Mass Effect-type territory, where you have games that are desperate to be taken seriously, yet are unable to avoid pandering to the male gaze at the expense of immersive believability. Does she have on bullet proof spandex?

In fact, plate should be form fitting or it's damn uncomfortable, it's suppose to fit you like a glove otherwise it's more painful then wearing a tin can. Masterbating milf pics. Studio shot Medieval girl in chain mail with a sword with red hair stands on a gray background with blood on her hands.

I actually know a little bit firsthand about what it takes to wear a suit of armor. Sexy armor girl. And I'm pretty sure I've seen screenshots of FO3 where the PC was either an anime girl or a blue fox - which I have no idea what that is from.

It's intention is to protect the body from harm. Warrior woman with sword in medieval clothes on the street is very dangerous Warrior woman with sword in medieval clothes is very dangerous. Naked glamour pics Terms of Use Violations: Portrait of elf woman with bowl over wildness nature background Portrait of elf woman with bowl.

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